🔵🔴 Intense session kicks off important week 💪
Barça's first-team were hard at it on the Ciutat Esportiva pitch this morning in preparation for the club's two La Liga ties this week against Elche and Sevilla.
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  • FC Barcelona
    FC Barcelona

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    • Antoinne Griezmann
      Antoinne Griezmann

      Promote jandro,comas and balde

    • Antoinne Griezmann
      Antoinne Griezmann

      Matheus is good tell Koemann to play matheus

    • abhinav santhosh
      abhinav santhosh

      Come on barca i am still saying one loss or draw doesn't mean you are not capable of anything come on Barca i believe in you

    • Rakesh KR
      Rakesh KR

      ETA mi e people keenmo

    • Sehat Damai
      Sehat Damai

      No brigwaith,, please

  • Ram PUBG Lover
    Ram PUBG Lover

    The thing that I don’t like about Fransisco Trincao is that he can dribble, shoot, Pass, Tackle etc but cannot finish the chances just like a Griezmann 🙁 if you’re Barcelona player then there is always huge pressure on you because when you play for big teams, you know you have to perform better....score lots of goals. They have to really comes alive in big competition like Haaland, Mbappé 🔥 But I have not seen those qualities in Traincao, Griezmann, Braithwaite, Dembélé nobody....But Players like De Jong, Pedri, Messi, Fati, Mingueza & Araujo these are the players that I feel like they can do something.

  • 西本和矢


  • 西本和矢

    Força Barça❤️💙

  • Nicolas Buela
    Nicolas Buela

    VAMOS BARÇA!!! 🔥💙❤

  • Rach leprince
    Rach leprince

    Try to be better and think about us think about how we feel if you loooooooose myyyyy god !! Be men , be wariores in The Game and No Clément Lenglet por favor🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • boy 123
    boy 123

    Koeman all I ask is that you try new things

  • ahmedou mohamed yeslem
    ahmedou mohamed yeslem

    they are joking please this is not training they should do hard training , physically he team is very weak.

  • ADT channel
    ADT channel

    Lord bretwet jugar no está claro yendo y viniendo donde los jugadores son inútiles en este club es mejor que seas jugador estúpido

  • Steven663

    We need brathewaite back in the team . When we had a striker we were doing so much better. Also give pjanic a go and go firpo a go to . We need to change things .also koeman needs to stop being suttborn and use that Mathew or whatever his name is . He looks like a pretty decent player

  • Paul Dores
    Paul Dores


  • Moses Fenning
    Moses Fenning

    Visca barca barca is my life n my blood

  • Zahra Hamad
    Zahra Hamad

    i like ruig puig new hair cut

  • Craze Ninja
    Craze Ninja

    Puig Should be In The Starting XI

  • Paul Cajamarca
    Paul Cajamarca

    NO HAY EQUIPO !! ya no se espera nada de ustedes y aun asi logran descepcionar ...

  • Aditya Jani
    Aditya Jani

    Please don't lose any more match in Feb 🙏

  • ibrahim diallo
    ibrahim diallo

    Pique and lenglet thnx u but it's time to go please leave barca 🙏🙏

  • shridharan suresh
    shridharan suresh

    there's are actually drills for 'DEFENSE' right!?? Is it just not shown in any of our training videos or do the players not train them at all?? someone please tell...

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather

    i hate lenglet everytime he gives away penalty in important match. But we must respect him he is going through lots of shit. Lets not spread too mucj hate Humanity comes first.


    Not able to score even in training 😢

  • David


  • Anurag Madgulya
    Anurag Madgulya

    To the plastic fans- if u can't support Barca in their bad times then don't celebrate with them in their good time.. Visça Barça 💙❤️

  • konoha shenobi
    konoha shenobi

    It's look like All positive are here. 👍👏

  • Rayan Shahzad
    Rayan Shahzad

    We need to improve from our defense and the team as well I would prefer the mid should be frenkie, pjanic, puig these are the best players which do play making. We need to do what we did to psg we need to have a comeback.

  • Ayubxon Nurmirzayev
    Ayubxon Nurmirzayev


  • Niks Dana
    Niks Dana

    I'm barca fan since from 2010,, anybody who's here supporting barca for nearly a decade,, let me know, 👍👍

  • EBO

    Hiiiillllooooo people

  • Saky Saky
    Saky Saky

    Koeman Out looser

  • Dibyajyoti Dutta
    Dibyajyoti Dutta

    Although my heart aches everytime I see Barca lose a match humiliatingly now, I know that this is not final. I know that one day the real heroes will return. Xavi will coach the team and players from our youth squad will form the core of the first team. We will dominate football with tiki-taka again. We will be untouchable. But until then, this shit videos will mean nothing. I will keep supporting Barca but will wait for the day this administration is entirely out of the window. Koeman has come in with no real ambition and it's so evident that it's just sad.

  • Nbabboy 06
    Nbabboy 06

    Força Barça 💙❤️🏆

  • Nishant M
    Nishant M

    Wow so InTeNsE TrAiNg😬🤐

  • Shashank Mamgain
    Shashank Mamgain

    Please stay focused on CDL and UCL. There is lots of time to decide laliga so rest as much players as possible or play them for a certain amount of time. Make sure our players stay fresh and super active at UCL and CDR.

  • Shlok pansari
    Shlok pansari

    Viscal barça viscal Catalonia

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂another L incoming

  • Himawan Prasojo
    Himawan Prasojo

    Visca EL PALKON!!!!

  • Crazy മലയാളി
    Crazy മലയാളി

    Lets just hope for the best Visca barca visca catalunya🔴🔵

  • vegeta saiyan
    vegeta saiyan

    i will lierally break my phone if koeman starts lenglet and bisquets again

  • Csaba Szilagyi
    Csaba Szilagyi

    Let's not blame one man (Lenglet) who was awesome until now, the whole team is having a bad season. We did not score from an open play in 3 matches! Our finishing is abysmal! Lenglet, chin up, come back stronger and show the haters u deserve to wear the badge! ❤ 💙

  • Rahul Rana
    Rahul Rana

    Barca working hard to repeat the same mistake in the nxt mtch

  • YAASIIN hawle
    YAASIIN hawle

    Please if we are fans barcelona we wana need new defense right now Alexasader isak Erling haland De ligt and Poul pogba Next season Earling haland Alexasader isak Kun. Ageuro ansu fati l. messi Greizmann osman dembele f . treanco Poul Pogba pedri Dani olmo Riqui puig Coutinho ilaix moriba De jong Winjladum Methues fernandes Jordi alba r. Aruejo de ligt dest Angelino or lenglet gercia pavard Gaya 0. mingueza Ter stegen

  • why do you V me
    why do you V me

    A person is NOT to blame. we’re ONE team.

  • Landress Ho
    Landress Ho

    I think xavi get hurt too to see barca now days they not really doing well under koeman and not much different from setien it hurt to see barca lose whenever we need to win and I hope xavi came back to barca as soon as possible cuz now our barca is dying pretty sad to see I miss everything bout the old barca

  • Mebarek Amellal
    Mebarek Amellal

    visca barca

  • Rivai G.P.
    Rivai G.P.

    Strong Barca💪

  • 11IPS7_19_KukuhFirmansyah

    Kembalikan Barca yang dulu. . . return the old barca . . Vuelve la vieja barca (feminim) Vuelve el viejo barca (maskulin)

  • ANi

    Come on cules

  • Het Patel
    Het Patel

    You should give chance to Coutinho. He had great potential😭😭😭😭😭

  • amir leo
    amir leo

    Admin please read this comment and say to player and ronald

  • amir leo
    amir leo

    Come on barca

  • amir leo
    amir leo


  • luffy 93
    luffy 93

    c'mon barca play with high spirit,the last acceptable barca defeat is against juve in ucl.

  • Ranjeet Sohanpal
    Ranjeet Sohanpal

    "Being Defeated is often a temporary situation,Giving up is what makes it Permanent" Come on Barca😈

  • amen shaaban
    amen shaaban

    yeah we are bad in important weeks Pique really cares for the team but what he doesn't know is that he IS A PROBLEM for the team The same thing with sergio busquets he is very slow I can give 1 advise maybe more If the other team are attacking our DEFENCE needs to press on them Dembele and Messi can stay in the front but all other player NEED TO DEFEND so our counter attacks will have speed and intelligence (dembele and messi respectively) when the other team is attacking, play on 4-4-2 so that we have 4 defenders and griezmann is ever better than our own defenders in defending so he will help very much in defending the only way to fix our defense is just press on the other team and don't leave so many space between the players if we left space then the other team's players can pass comfortably that's why. Press higher When other team is attacking let the formation be 4-4-2- When WE make counter attacks we need the players to run as fast as they can to help Messi and Dembele When we are in front of the other team's goal we need to KNOW what to do. Because everytime we get near their goal we just keep passing instead of shooting THE PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID OF SHOOTING, JUST SHOOT THE BALL And again PRESS HIGHER when the other team is attacking I really hope you will see this comment and I really hope this will help, maybe even use it ONCE

  • Wiliam Criatiano
    Wiliam Criatiano

    Heyy I'm a barcelona fans from Indonesia

  • C T
    C T

    Visca Barca 💙❤💙❤💙

  • captain steve
    captain steve

    Lenglet needs some space koeman please start mingueza and pique dont do anytging dumb if u start busi and lenglet again i will completly loose faithe in fatso

  • Unnamed

    Visca EL BARÇA ❤️💙

  • Andrew Gyenfie
    Andrew Gyenfie

    Life doesn’t put u down forever ..we’ll be back,let the youngsters get the experience needed

  • Khondaker hasbi
    Khondaker hasbi

    we want suarez

  • Nika Afia
    Nika Afia

    Braitwait Out buzquets Out Lenglet de hors

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas

    Not to bring your hopes up. But what if suddenly a change in this team causes a reversal of everything thats happened so far? Copa comeback, champions league comeback, and Laliga as well. To those who still love and will continue to believe in this club. Forca Barca!

  • Abhiraj Dessai
    Abhiraj Dessai

    Just sell Coutinho umtiti Griezman Brathwaite and Lienglet this summer plans

  • Kromo Chanel
    Kromo Chanel

    Players:DNA Barca Coach :DNA Barca

  • D Nice
    D Nice

    Pique, Busquets, Griezman must be subs

  • devam 17
    devam 17

    by the attitude of the coach.....it doesn't seem so

  • ANi

    They need this game to be won 4-0 or more Because they have been mentally tired Hopefully they finish all the chances and get back to Winning ways There is still chance to win la liga and CDR Good luck lads 🔵🔴

  • The Sword of Islam
    The Sword of Islam

    If messi leave Barcelona, I will not support Barcelona.

  • Shivam Pandey
    Shivam Pandey

    Please don't play busquets , pique and lenglet together

  • Zayed Al Hamed
    Zayed Al Hamed

    granulation you have 11 malunion subscribe

  • Luis Fernando Paiva chacon
    Luis Fernando Paiva chacon



    PSG lost to as Monaco, the 2nd leg is our chance to get qualified

  • Dendiarma

    Who that agree griezmann placed on the right winger and dembele placed on the left 👇

  • Mo AlZaben
    Mo AlZaben

    1:29 lenglet=🤢

  • Pratham Thorve
    Pratham Thorve

    Win lose or tie... Barca till I die 💯💯😌

  • Mo AlZaben
    Mo AlZaben

    More like intense session kicks cowman and his 3 lovers of lenglet pique and busi out of this club

  • Bukan Vlog PNS
    Bukan Vlog PNS

    just leave the old player... let the youngster play...

  • Parel XZ
    Parel XZ

    Vamos, despierta el Barça, ya sabes levantarte bien, verdad

  • Greatest of all time.
    Greatest of all time.

    Wanna hear a joke?... "Lenglet"😂😂🤣🤣

  • Lukman Riyanta
    Lukman Riyanta

    Barcelona now is boring to watch. I prefer to eat calculus

  • Xbsb Dhshss
    Xbsb Dhshss

    Jack greals transferə fc barcelona

  • shivansh uniyal
    shivansh uniyal

    This team is finished Messi must leave for man city next season........ These fools can only play in training ..

  • eyad zayed
    eyad zayed

    Busquets, Alba, Angela, Becky, Roberto, Ferb, Braithwaite and Griezmann, please get out of your hands

  • Pro plugs
    Pro plugs

    In my opinion removing lenglet will not solve the problem he is just having a bad time he just needs to pick up his form , we should play aroujo and lenglet in defence 👍

  • Harsh Choudhary
    Harsh Choudhary

    Was this really Intense?

  • Pro plugs
    Pro plugs

    Why dont we try playing griezmann st and messi rw for once

  • José Castellanos
    José Castellanos


  • Faustin Oubamiyoung
    Faustin Oubamiyoung

    Ivisca Barca ivisca cataranya 🔵🔵🔵🔵💙💙🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙

  • Zaylo lagid
    Zaylo lagid

    As long as Messi is there in FCB,I will support FCB,because of Messi only I started supporting FCB....

  • #ABC Fotball
    #ABC Fotball

    Literally more telented then some of the first team members

  • Wahyu Agoes
    Wahyu Agoes

    LINE UP vs Elche Ter Stegen Mingueza, Pique, Umtiti, Junior De Jong, Pjanic, Riqui Puig Trincao, Messi, Griezmann

  • Ade Yuni Pranite
    Ade Yuni Pranite

    We are always barca,,what ever it....

  • boixos nois
    boixos nois

    I hate lenglet !

  • Uddhav Pisharody EM
    Uddhav Pisharody EM

    I kinda felt bad for Lenglet after knowing he was in tears while leaving the stadium.💔

  • name_less guy
    name_less guy


  • name_less guy
    name_less guy

    Where is our rondos training

  • irvinabraham jaramillo
    irvinabraham jaramillo


  • Ubaid Rashi Yfc
    Ubaid Rashi Yfc


  • Yash Moharil
    Yash Moharil

    Lenglet is way too quick we need Mertesacker

  • Harshad Mehta
    Harshad Mehta

    Please fix defensive errors and play minigueza instead of lenglet🐐

  • Christian Lab
    Christian Lab

    Where can I watch 8-2?

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