HIGHLIGHTS | Sevilla 2-0 Barça | Copa del Rey semi-final first leg
Relive the full highlights of Barça's Copa del Rey semi-final first leg against Sevilla.
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  • Fernando Luis
    Fernando Luis

    MESSI 👏

  • 卂尺Jㄩ几

    Here after Barca won 2-0 in Laliga 😎🇦🇷🐐

  • Vidhurithu AJ
    Vidhurithu AJ

    What do you think about when messi leave barca what's your opinion I love messi he is a good player....

  • Tomhelmun Collcoll
    Tomhelmun Collcoll

    Clavada del Sevilla

  • Tomhelmun Collcoll
    Tomhelmun Collcoll

    Ya ni en su torneo preferido la copa del Rey...

  • Tomhelmun Collcoll
    Tomhelmun Collcoll

    Una derrota más que un club

  • hayton I هيثم
    hayton I هيثم

    بزعط لانتوما ولا. ميسي ديال كوم كريستيانو حسن منو

  • Pepe Del Toro
    Pepe Del Toro

    El Barcelona tiene 10 balones el la champions league ¿cuántos goles le metió el Bayern? y ¿cuántos le metió el Barca al Bayern?

  • cedric Bossman
    cedric Bossman

    Fc barcelona is waiting for sevilla

  • Naehsa virdie
    Naehsa virdie

    Respect for rakitic, goal without selebration😭

  • Dembe_YT

    Like si quieres que suarez vuelva al Barça

  • Madeira Aviação Comercial
    Madeira Aviação Comercial

    Nice video

  • Itz Anonymous
    Itz Anonymous

    4:30 Rakitić 😢I cried when he and suarez was eliminated 😢😭😔 My fav Midfielder 💓 Rakitic was best in blaugrana jersey 💙❤

  • Rufan Quliyev
    Rufan Quliyev


  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    which made it all funnier. Hahaha

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    The freekick that Messi took was literally a bullet. Can't believe how the keeper stopped it.

  • Edi Güzeliş
    Edi Güzeliş

    Sevilla goal keeper turn into prime Neuer Barcelona defence turn into prime Maguire

  • Rangga Raffi
    Rangga Raffi

    Mampus kau Barca mau kau kan lepas² lh pemain muu

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Messi is best 😘

  • Editor PRO PLAYER
    Editor PRO PLAYER

    así lloró Rakitic al recordar el Barcelona😭😭😭

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon


  • Great Zimbabwe World Heritage site
    Great Zimbabwe World Heritage site

    A very porous barcelona defense

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    Sevilla goalkeeper save Sevilla....such a great day Sevilla....

  • Randy Ariestha
    Randy Ariestha

    Noob barca

  • Eric Sin
    Eric Sin

    Barcelona will keep lossing as long as Busquets is playing, period!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

  • bank ANGLE
    bank ANGLE

    2:15 otro PISCINAZO de De Yong ¡¡

  • Ivo Djangradovic
    Ivo Djangradovic

    FC Simulaona 😜

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    The freekick that Messi took was literally a bullet. Can't believe how the keeper stopped it.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Sevilla goalkeeper save Sevilla....such a great day Sevilla....

  • Abraham Osei
    Abraham Osei

    Sevilla keeper did well paa

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml


  • Tobin Lynch has a magnus
    Tobin Lynch has a magnus

    Every keeper vs Barca: god mode activated

  • Sant Vent
    Sant Vent

    MOTM for Sevilla should have been Bonno or Umtiti.

  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail


    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Battle is over...but the war is not over...

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Everything aside, Kounde scored a magnificent Goal, no doubts he's one is the best one of this month

  • बिबेक

    Messi is best 😘

  • rizqi muhammad
    rizqi muhammad


  • Abu ragnar banu lothbrokⵣ
    Abu ragnar banu lothbrokⵣ


  • Hasbi Ainur Rohman
    Hasbi Ainur Rohman

    mesi mana mesi hehe

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Mantap mantap

  • Ivan Erceg
    Ivan Erceg


  • Tohida Parvin
    Tohida Parvin

    The othera doesn’t even take a shot...so low in confidence

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝

  • Langford Kajaba
    Langford Kajaba

    We are still playing old football that's why we always beaten especially in crucial games like this one

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Bonoo ❤️❤️

  • attaloveaurel1020


  • Suresh Patel
    Suresh Patel

    4:32 Rakitic❤

  • Mouhamed Daoudi
    Mouhamed Daoudi

    Bono Bono bonne visca bono

  • Jugram Haschwalth
    Jugram Haschwalth

    Battle is over...but the war is not over...

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone


  • 62 %
    62 %

    mampus kalah

  • Jure Francetic
    Jure Francetic

    Rakitic 2 messi 0.🎂🎂🎂🎂


    Club sampaaaaahhh managemen anccuuuurr, wajib kalah saja kao barca. Tak cocok nanti di liga champion. Bakal di hajar disana

  • Helmi Muda
    Helmi Muda


  • Elvana Nursanti
    Elvana Nursanti

    Mantap mantap

  • Jony 815
    Jony 815


  • BeyondTheShit

    4:00 Failed Baptism

  • Der crow _king
    Der crow _king

    Who like messi and griezmann like

  • Pocong Solo
    Pocong Solo

    messi hahahha

  • Алтынбек Хайруллин
    Алтынбек Хайруллин

    Вратарь ташил сивилью

  • Tobi King
    Tobi King

    Rakitic 💔😢

  • Leegan Soobramoney
    Leegan Soobramoney

    you can see the sadness in rakitic's eyes after he scored the goal, he didn't even celebrate 😭

  • brahim EL hadar
    brahim EL hadar

    bonoooo 💜💜

  • Young Tata
    Young Tata


  • TOB Firdaus
    TOB Firdaus

    Yuk bisa yuk kalah lagi yuk

  • Lucky Ferdianto
    Lucky Ferdianto

    Trending dong😂

  • Tsaqif Luthfan
    Tsaqif Luthfan


  • Ini channelku
    Ini channelku

    Barca sekarang Defisi 3 apa 4 ya ??? Lupa sama negara mana sih barca itu nuub banget soalnya hiya hiya

  • Ааа Bbb
    Ааа Bbb

    Barça’s defense 💩

  • Mayank HD
    Mayank HD

    Rakitic scoring... That hurt the most.

  • faisal faz
    faisal faz


  • Anca Taka
    Anca Taka

    Mohon bantuannya aku dari Indonesia

  • freehichamworld

    Bounou is here don't have to fear

  • freehichamworld

    Bounou best goal kipper yes .

  • Keila YT
    Keila YT


    • braian2005

      Hello beby

  • mohcine mabsoute
    mohcine mabsoute

    Si Bono merecía un título especial en la Liga será Spiderman. Buena suerte FCB

  • Michael Adeyemi
    Michael Adeyemi

    Ancara Kounde Ancara Kounde

  • Maximiliano Figueroa
    Maximiliano Figueroa

    4:18 Umtiti TOTY😂

  • Yousri Ch
    Yousri Ch

    Bounou is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He stopped Messi in all ways 1 on 1, top bins, freekick low in the corner. What a great goalkeeper

  • vishal yadav
    vishal yadav

    Rakitic knew where to beat ter stegen

  • Elbrikstamp Hertog
    Elbrikstamp Hertog

    Rakitic 👌

  • Russell_2002

    Well thats what happens when they weaken barcelonas team and sell of the experienced players like a bunch of jackasses

  • نادر nader
    نادر nader


  • Nihad Raza
    Nihad Raza

    Barca fans, we will make a great comeback, oh wait we dont have origi

  • AMAK 2319
    AMAK 2319

    I like sevila..gogogooooo...


    SeViLLe FoRCe 💪😎

  • Hamy Zaizu Ismail
    Hamy Zaizu Ismail

    Sevilla GK Bouno is magnificent

  • Hamy Zaizu Ismail
    Hamy Zaizu Ismail

    So happy to see this.. now pay for the price After kicked out Suarez, Rakitic.. and so on

  • H ED
    H ED

    nice goalkeeper for sevilla

  • Phoenix-King 77
    Phoenix-King 77

    Psg are going to have a field day

  • 10 000 subscribers Без Видео
    10 000 subscribers Без Видео

    5,6 players from the Barca squad need to go this summer !!!!! The poorest Barcelona team in this century!!!!!!

  • Hilal Habibie Nurjaman
    Hilal Habibie Nurjaman


  • MRez YT
    MRez YT

    What a Keeper by Sevilla, Very Wonderful 😀

  • tolibilot

    Horeee keok bedogol gedang

  • Pranav Sabu
    Pranav Sabu

    1755553th view

  • Dibawa Santuyy aja
    Dibawa Santuyy aja

    Uda DECUL..jones..fix malming dalam goa😂

  • ilham

    Nub hahahaj

  • Moemoe Kyuun
    Moemoe Kyuun


  • Kadek Yogananda
    Kadek Yogananda

    Why dembele just pass the ball to messi, i think there is a chance to make some goal if dembele pass to another player which that player have more chance

  • Muscab yare
    Muscab yare

    4:45 viens viens

  • Einfach Sanjay
    Einfach Sanjay

    Barcelona dont give up, we Support you forever

  • Gamer x
    Gamer x

    U guys really need Ronaldo so many opportunities but barca had no one to finish

  • Gratuit Pour Vous
    Gratuit Pour Vous

    Yassin Bono 👍👍👍👍

  • Ita Wati
    Ita Wati

    Semangat Barcelona 💪💪

  • Rastaf04 GERAKLINNO
    Rastaf04 GERAKLINNO

    Barcelona is my proud club, spirit, even though you lost in leg 1, you can do it